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Happy Holidays 2011

Happy Holidays to our clients, families and friends.¬† In case anyone is looking for last minute gift ideas, Bergland + Cram staff decided to share what’s on our Christmas lists this year.¬† Hope this helps and we wish you all the best in 2012!

ANDY  -  Top two things on my list: a surprise visit from cousin Eddie and a shiny new Red Ryder.

RANDY  -  To be with family and to go bicycling in Arizona!

SCOTT B.¬† -¬† The DVD of Adele’s concert at Royal Albert Hall (since I couldn’t afford to see her live), Roku, a mini Taliesin III table lamp, a Mazda CX5, a Chipotle to open in Mason City, and animal paw slippers! If this could all be wrapped in a new year that doesn‚Äôt include a lot of heartache and grief for friends and family ‚Äď that would be great!

NATE¬† -¬† iPhone 4S (which I got early!), P90X2 (also got it early), a vinyl record player, Guns N’ Roses reuniting, and world peace.

JOE¬† -¬† New tires for my truck, health for my family and friends, and no shoveling for me!¬† All else is gravy.¬† Mmmmm…gravy.

KEN  -  I want a fair weather, no snow, good driving Christmas.

KRISTY  -  Books, clothes, accessories, a birding scope, free time, and one of those apple pies from the gas station.

DOUG  -  New camping pack, and time to use it.

LINDA¬† -¬† Well, I’ve pretty much given up on getting a pony.¬† My list has definitely matured with me, I’ve got jams, chocolates, and cheeses on my list.

JUSTIN¬† -¬† A six pack and a pound…and then new sweaters!

SCOTT S.  -  A honey badger.