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Andy Meyer

Andy Meyer


Andy heads a variety of project types including residential, senior living and commercial since joining Bergland + Cram in 2007.  Andy is the firm’s main point of contact with the U.S. Green Building Council as we work to track and register our LEED projects. He brings a broad range of skills to the team as well as a mindful approach to the daily operations of the firm.

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Ideal outdoor conditions?
“Snow covered ground and below freezing temps…(except on flying days, then 60 degrees, clear skies, and no wind!)”
What are you listening to in your car?
“See keynote 98.7 for additional information”
What made you decide to get into your profession?
“When I was 10 the only way to calculate the yielding point of my cantilevered tree house was to invite friends over...12 friends later I decided to learn the math”
Endorsement for Andy from residential client Tom DeBartolo, MD
“Making our vision a reality was an exciting experience, especially when our vision changed as the reality of construction cost became apparent. Guidance through the challenges of scaling back but not compromising on the project was one of the most important services that our architect Andy Meyer provided. Another valuable service provided was introducing and then interfacing between the contractors and us. In retrospect as my wife and I weigh the cost of architectural services to the benefits and vision of services provided, we feel strongly that contracting with Bergland + Cram was money well spent and a critical factor in the successful completion of our home.”