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Sonia Trujillo

Sonia Trujillo


Sonia is a new talent that brings fresh ideas to our team. She enjoys watching a project morph from the beginning stages of schematic design to final construction documents. Her inspiration comes from bouncing ideas off of her coworkers so she can see things from a different perspective. Alongside strong listening skills, Sonia can summarize a client’s needs and provide a solution through thoughtful design.

Contact Sonia Trujillo

Ideal outdoor conditions?
“I really enjoy summers in the Midwest and winters in Mexico (65 to 75 degrees).”
What are you listening to in your car?
“Classic and alternative rock. I also enjoy listening to music in different languages even if I don't understand the lyrics.”
What made you decide to get into your profession?
“I took an industrial design class during middle school and the 8th grade final project was to build an architectural model. I was so excited about it, but 8th grade was the same year that I moved to Iowa, so I've been interested in architecture ever since then.”