Healthcare + Eldercare

Cancer Center, MercyOne North Iowa

Project Specifications
Description:Addition, 64,000 SF
Timeline:Completed 2002
Location:Mason City, IA
“Through all of my years in this business, I have never received more positive comments about a project. Many times, a vertical expansion looks like something that was a second thought, however this project is an exception and we have added style to the campus.”
Hal Hudson, Facilities Director
Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

MercyOne’s existing Cancer Center has served patients and their families throughout the North Iowa region for over 25 years.  Due to increased need and desire to expand services in a continuously competitive market, the Cancer Center will grow by nearly two-thirds in size over the coming years. Bergland + Cram participated in an intensive 3P Lean Design planning event to lay out a new vision and optimized flow for the Center.  Areas include infusion bays positioned on the parameters to take advantage of outdoor views, lab and pharmacy, and radiation.  The project expands the Center from one floor to three.

The interior concept takes cues from the strength of nature to rejuvenate.  A patient can be seen as a delicate yet resilient living organism made stronger through extensive connections to support.  Similar to the connective root system of aspen trees, a series of supportive healthcare professionals and services support each patient.  Interior finishes start strong and rich on the ground floor, becoming lighter the higher you climb within the Center, much like light intensifying through a canopy of trees the closer one is to the healing power of the sun.