Cedar Valley Seminary

Project Specifications
Description:Relocation, full restoration and addition
Timeline:Completed 2018
Location:Osage, IA

The Cedar Valley Seminary building in Osage, Iowa was built in 1869 as a Baptist academy.  The school operated until 1910 when another institution in town became more attractive for students.  The building was placed on the National Register in 1977 and was utilized over the years in different ways including housing the historical society’s collection of artifacts.  In 2015, local school district expansion called for demolition of the Seminary.  At that time, a local community group recognized the building’s potential and the group gained momentum and financial support to save, relocate, and renovate the historic structure.  The Seminary was moved in June 2016, and work was completed in March 2018 to restore the interior and exterior as well as add an addition.  The project houses a new leadership center, a gathering hall, a museum, a genealogy room, and a recording studio to promote and showcase the accomplishments of past and future leaders in the community.