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3P Lean Design

3P Lean Design

“ In my healthcare career, I have participated in the design of hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics and remodel projects. The 3P event was by far the most valuable exercise that I have ever participated in, and I believe the efforts of the 3P will save us months of design time. We actually modeled the proposed clinic based entirely on the patient experience, and made significant improvements in this process. It was also a wonderful team-building experience and brough the proposed clinic to life. ”
Sharon Booker, Department Administrator, UIHC

Our staff is committed to the practice of Lean design and efficiency in PEOPLE, PREPARATION and PROCESS. Bergland + Cram’s approach to 3P planning has allowed us to bring increased value to our clients and establish us as regional leaders in facility organization and continuous improvement. Previously limited to manufacturing and industrial design, 3P Lean Design translates into significant enhancement of staff productivity and building user satisfaction.

Our focus is collaboration. The ability to hand draw solutions on the fly helps to analyze and validate ideas quickly and allows the process to flow and progress uninterrupted. Although the latest advancements in computer modeling are certainly important in other stages of design, the art of hand sketching is a valuable professional skill perfected by architects Scott Smed and Randy Cram, who lead our 3P planning events.

How it works:

Day 1: Review Goals + Create Alternatives

Day 2: Create Alternatives + Evaluate Alternatives

Day 3: Full Scale 3D Mock-Up + Simulation

Day 4: Continued Full Scale 3D Mock-Up + Simulation

Day 5: Review + Compile Results

In 3-5 days, our 3P process will evaluate your goals and meet with those working directly in the environment to create and implement an efficient system. The result will allow you to right size spaces, minimize costs, and improve metrics which affect patient and staff satisfaction.

Our 3P process can eliminate 80% of customer wait time! In recent events we were able to reduce door to doctor by 34% and door to discharge time by 46%!