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Favorite Holiday Traditions

Bergland + Cram staff share some of their favorite traditional and not-so-traditional holiday customs:

“While it really makes no sense to celebrate cold holidays with cold drinks, a vodka slush has been mandatory for longer than I will admit. I wouldn’t dare incriminate my parents!” – Scott B

“My mother would always make several loaves of her famous coffee bread from scratch during the holidays.  My brother has since learned her secrets and has continued the tradition for us.  Nothing takes me back to thoughts of family and Christmas quite like that aroma from the toaster.  (Don’t forget a smear of sweet butter with that!)” – Joe

“My favorite holiday tradition is spending time cooking, baking, and swapping stories in the company of my loved ones on Christmas Eve.” – Kelly

“Love watching my family members of all ages take swings at our annual piñata.  It takes a few rotations of more than 50 people to bat away at a 6’ tall creation by my uncle constructed of wood, chicken wire and duct tape.  Nothing says Christmas like bashing a life size Grinch!” – Kristy

“My favorite tradition is one we started last year.  We have Christmas morning at our house.” – Doug

“Our family has a Christmas jigsaw puzzle that we all work on together.  For many, many years one of my sisters buys the puzzle and presents it at Thanksgiving.  As family members begin to congregate during the Christmas season, the puzzle is started on a separate table away from the greatest confusion.  It is a wonderful, soothing way for small groups to gather and talk over a shared project.” – Linda

“Putting up Christmas Lights :)” – Andy

“Spending Christmas Eve with my family and opening the Secret Santa gifts from one another (even though my mom somehow figures out who had who before then).”  – Randi

“My family, for as long as I can remember, have opened presents Christmas Eve morning, followed by a brunch filled with all of our sugary favorites including sugared bacon, cinnamon rolls, French toast casserole, hot chocolate, etc.  Nothing beats spending that uninterrupted time with family and a good sugar crash!” – Dana

“My mother’s immediate family always gathered on Christmas Eve.  In the 1950s and 60’s Santa would appear on the roof of my grandparents house at some point during the evening dinner.  Upon hearing bells ringing, all 20 of my first cousins, siblings, and I would rush down and out the walkout basement door to see Santa on the roof of the ranch style house.  Santa would wave and start to climb down the chimney.  We would all rush up the basement stairs to greet Santa, but the basement door always somehow got stuck (an uncle at work).  Once we arrived in the living room, Santa would be seen as if coming out of the fireplace.  As a child it was very exciting.  We did this as a family, I believe there were only two years that we did not have a baby Jesus.  Three generations played this role.  In 2006 we discontinued the tradition started by my Grandparents as the fourth generation of family members arrived.  The tradition now continues in those families.”  –  Randy