Veterans Memorial Recreation Center

Project Specifications
Description:New construction, 22,836 SF
Timeline:Completed 2009
Location:Garner, IA
“Bergland + Cram was highly professional and their design has won rave reviews from the public since our facility opened.  A well thought-out layout allows us to minimize the amount of paid staff needed and the facility is extremely energy-efficient, both of which hold down our operating costs.”
Brent Hinson, Former City Administrator
City of Garner

After an initial feasibility study conducted by Bergland + Cram, it was determined that a new building would replace the aging Memorial Building.  The new Veterans Memorial Recreation Center includes a wellness center, childcare room and rehab/therapy wing operated by the local hospital.  Also included is a veterans wing with meeting room and storage for historic objects.  Future expansion was considered during design with accommodations for a mini-gym to the east and a pool to the west.  A partnership with the city, local hospital, school district and the American Legion earned this project a state CAT grant.